• I am very excited to say This Must Be The Only Fantasy won a 2014 Webby.  

  • I am super happy for my photographs to be a part of the new Index Magazine book now out by Rizzoli.  Index was one of the greatest magazines ever, and true privilege to be a part of.  

    index magazine started out as a low-budget, over-sized fanzine in 1996. It quickly became one of the most influential small publications in the United States when it came to ’90s indie culture. index A to Z celebrates the personalities, humor, and craftiness of the indie generation. With sections like “F for Fashion,” featuring designers like Marc Jacobs, or “I for Indie” with Harmony Korine, the book pays homage to Generation X’s favorite magazine. It also includes previously unpublished outtakes and party pictures.

  • Bruce Dern.   The coolest.  Gonna win the Oscar.